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Clark County Fire Station No. 16

Fire Station No. 16 is the first facility to follow a new prototype design that equips Clark County to update and develop new fire stations to support the community’s future.

The PGAL team began its design process by reviewing Clark County’s former prototype and by hosting a series of design charrettes with key stakeholders and firefighters to achieve consensus on the new prototype.

Reflecting the fire department’s goal of projecting a modest image, the simple design of Fire Station No. 16 exhibits civic pride while recognizing the cost-driven nature of a public facilities in the Las Vegas Valley.

Included in the 11,869-square-foot, three-bay station is a separate dorm room wing with eight individual rooms, three shower facilities/restrooms, an outdoor trellis, a patio area with built-in barbecue, and storage tele/data rooms. As an emergency response facility, the entrance is easily identifiable to accommodate walk-up emergencies, while also serving as a secure facility to protect staff on a 24/7 basis around-the-clock.

Features include:

  1. Fire Station No. 16 serves as a prototype for future facilities in Clark County

  2. A series of charrettes enabled key stakeholders, firefighters, and the design team to achieve consensus on the prototype design

  3. The three-bay station includes a separate dorm room wing with eight individual rooms

  4. Emergency response facility can accommodate walk-up emergencies while also serving as a secure facility

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