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City of College Station Police Headquarters

PGAL was commissioned by City of College Station to perform master planning, programming, and design services for the City’s new two-building police headquarters.

The 63,625-square-foot “main” building features a welcoming two-story lobby connecting the first and second floors visually. The T-shaped first floor consists of a large community media room, training room, lockers, and other PD office functions. The one-story rear back-of-house portion presents a higher volume to serve evidence and property storage functions as well as a forensics vehicle bay. The second floor of the main building is highlighted by a balcony overlooking the main entry lobby and includes services such as an administration suite, dispatch, detective work space, recruiting, and training spaces. The main building’s T-shape plan allows for future expansion into an H-shape, as required, as the city grows.

The second, 11,000-square-foot “annex” building is located on the southern portion of the site and will mainly be used for department vehicular functions as well as fitness and storage spaces.

The stone and brick façade feature large punch windows on the ground floor with a continuous ribbon window on the second floor. The building aesthetic is inspired by a blend of the prairie-style movement melded with city council’s desire for a historic and timeless architectural design, creating a prototype for the design language of future City of College Station buildings.

Features include:

  1. Two-building complex

  2. Brick and stone façade

  3. Program for administration, training, dispatch, evidence and property storage

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