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City of Houston Woodshire Drainage and Paving Improvements

PGAL is providing engineering services for the development of a comprehensive drainage solution to this flood-prone area, which includes several hundred single-family residences as well as numerous townhomes, apartments, and businesses.

The project includes the design of significant trunk lines to both convey and detain stormwater. PGAL is also providing complete reconstruction of the roadways, waterlines, and sanitary sewers in the area.

Project Challenges Include:

  1. Shallow outfalls required the use of multiple barrel shallow boxes
  2. Existing topography restricted overland flows, requiring PGAL to collect and convey extreme event flows at certain parts of the project
  3. Presence of sidewalks and paving in the whole width of the right-of-way required redevelopment of roadway profiles in areas of significant constraints
  4. Maintained access during construction, despite significant trunk lines requiring total closure of multiple streets
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