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South Florida Regional Transit Authority

The design-build team of PGAL and Gulf Building are overseeing the replacement of the Pompano Beach Tri-Rail commuter rail station and platforms. The project includes the design of a new three-story operations center and a four-story parking garage.

Incorporating an array of sustainable elements, including a photovoltaic system and car-charging stations, the new facilities are designed to meet the South Florida Regional Transit Authority’s goal of achieving a minimum of LEED Silver certification. Other project features include a pedestrian crossover structure, bus canopies, and new vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems.

The existing Tri-Rail station will remain operational throughout the duration of the project, requiring finely-tuned construction coordination to facilitate working over, under, and around existing railroad tracks and infrastructure.

  1. Replacement of existing commuter rail station and platforms, as well as design of new operations center and parking garage

  2. Designed to achieve minimum of LEED Silver certification

  3. Existing station will remain operational throughout the project

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