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Harris County - Joint County/City Processing Center
Harris County - Joint County/City Processing Center

Harris County - Joint County/City Processing Center

Designed to replace the undersized and aging Inmate Processing Center building, the new joint processing center consolidates all Houston Police Department (HPD) and Harris County intake processing operations in one modern facility.

With three full floors and a basement level and secure tunnel connection to other county jail facilities, the 246,000-square-foot facility will serve the nation’s third largest county jail system, intaking and releasing approximately 800 to 900 individuals per day. The short-term assessment level will house 552 inmates.

PGAL designed the facility based on an open waiting concept for general processing, thus creating an efficient, normative environment for all facility users. This concept improves the flow of inbound and outbound detainees by better leveraging available staff resources and allowing officers to direct identified detainees to the appropriate processing areas.

Used in conjunction with enhanced areas for medical and mental health screening, Diversion workstation areas were created to provide incarceration alternatives, such as the Neuropsychiatric Center or Sobering Center. These areas can expedite eligible detainees to post bond or pay fines without entering the jail area.

Re-entry Program areas were created to reduce recidivism by providing discharge planning and other transitional services for outgoing prisoners, including housing, work programs, veterans’ services, faith-based programs, and other community treatment and services.

Features Include:

  1. 52-capacity vehicular law enforcement sally port
  2. HPD work areas, interview rooms, DUI processing areas, and administrative areas
  3. Intake and officer work areas for all law enforcement agencies
  4. Property processing and evidence storage
  5. Receiving, AFIS, pretrial interview and health services area
  6. One municipal courtroom and two county probable cause/JP courtrooms
  7. Booking and classification, prerelease staging areas
  8. Open waiting and holding cells for processing areas
  9. Short-term assessment dormitories, releasing, and reentry areas
  10. Public lobby, county and city bonding windows, central records, and staff support areas
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