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FAU Davie Campus Center for Online + Continuing Education

Under the continuing services contract with Florida Atlantic University, PGAL was tasked with designing the renovation to an existing space to create the Center for Online & Continuing Education.

This suite within the Liberal Arts Building on the Davie Campus, was renovated to create an open space with an acoustical glass wall divider. On the back side of the space, a video recording studio was created with an open ceiling, a pipe grid for special lighting, a green wall and acoustical treatments for the walls and ceiling.

In the front space an area was created for audio recording and editing. A large curved glass wall divides the front part of the studio from the existing corridor.

Features Include:

  1. 1,450-square-foot renovation of existing space
  2. Large Curved Glass Wall for separation of hallway and learning space
  3. Audio recording and editing space
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