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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Public Safety Building

The new 130,000-square-foot public safety headquarters building at DFW Airport houses the administrative and operational offices for the airport’s police, fire, and special services staff, as well as a detention center.

PGAL facilitated collaborative programming/planning sessions with representatives from all departments to determine space needs and optimize efficiency and functionality, while satisfying the airport’s overall objectives.

Strategic collaborative spaces throughout the complex foster interdepartmental interaction and planning. The facility includes administrative offices, support personnel offices, conference rooms, huddle areas, training/seminar rooms, an IT/mechanical room, a detention facility, a crime investigation room, interrogation rooms, a SWAT deployment area, a sally port, an apparatus bay, and a fitness center with lockers and showers.

Features Include:

  1. 130,000-square-foot public safety headquarters building

  2. Two-story building includes administrative and operational offices, as well as a detention center

  3. Strategic collaborative spaces foster interdepartmental interaction

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