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Montgomery County Forensic Center

PGAL provided complete architectural services for the new 25,000-square-foot Forensic Facility Building for Montgomery County, Texas. 

The new complex houses the county’s forensic autopsy facilities and staff, forensic administration staff, death investigators, and training center.  The building is also designed with an entry to incorporate future expansion of forensic science labs and sheriff’s crime labs.

PGAL and MWL Architects facilitated collaborative programming/planning sessions with the Montgomery County Forensic Director and all the department staff to determine space needs and optimize functionality of critical procedures for forensic autopsy while maintaining efficiency and the County’s overall objectives for this facility.

The building is divided by the autopsy suite versus forensic administration and training by a “stink wall” that does not permit any mechanical penetration to control odors.  HVAC was also split into two systems with individual equipment platforms to separate autopsy from offices.  Special partitions, doors and glazing are designed for x-ray radiation and bullet resistant security, while attention to space layout was designed for gurney paths and cleanliness of operations.

The project was designed in association with Laboratory Design Consulting Architects MWL Architects.

Features include:

  1. New 25,000-square-foot county forensic facility
  2. Two-system HVAC to separate offices and autopsy
  3. Bullet and x-ray radiation resistant security
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