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City of Conroe Police Training Classroom Building

The new training facility is a four-story structure enclosing 20,800 square feet of programmed space including classrooms, offices, and armories for local and federal law enforcement.

The new building will replace the original building that was destroyed by flooding and will double the original building’s interior space. The facility includes exterior storage and training space on the ground level as well as sniper training on the roof. The design mitigates the building’s flooding potential, raising the finished floor out of the 500-year flood plain. The new building will utilize an economical tilt-wall structure and will re-use the existing site infrastructure and utilities to control costs and adhere to the project’s budget.

The project also includes improvements to the property’s flood protection berm and storm water management systems.

Features Include:

  1. 20,800-square-foot new training facility

  2. Classrooms, offices, and armories for local and federal law enforcement

  3. Training space on the ground level

  4. Sniper training on the roof

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