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U.S. Marine Air Ground Combat Center

Marines on the Move: New Housing/Dining Complex

A new $136M residential development at the U.S. Marine Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, CA is welcoming 1,152 Marines to a campus-style complex that includes three 4-story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ), a 445 seat dining facility, a 500 seat open-air amphitheater and a& Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course. The complex is the second major housing project recently designed by PGAL at the Twentynine Palms base.

PGAL was the Design Manager for the just-opened Quality of Life Facilities project which represents a trend toward more upscale housing for enlisted Marines. The BEQ's each have 192 two-person rooms with multiple community areas offering a variety of options for Marines, much like an upscale apartment complex or college campus. All three BEQ buildings are configured using a combination of modules which are flipped and rotated in various configurations to capitalize on solar efficiency and to provide an open layout where breezes can easily flow between the buildings.

Aesthetically blending with the existing buildings, the dining facility provides abundant daylighting, multiple food service stations and an upscale ambience. Orientation of the building provides protection from the elements in this desert location, with dining areas on the North side. The facility also provides an expanded patio area with canopies and misters and has an instantly recognizable exterior form with an articulated roof that responds to the adjacent BEQ's and site elements.

Capitalizing on the natural slope of the site, a 500 seat open-air amphitheater complex is located in the middle of the campus and accommodates training, parade and recreational functions. It has a dramatic canopy shading system, a large projection tower, perimeter seating walls with shade canopies for another 200+ Marines and a large rubberized sports surface which can be used for basketball, flag football, soccer or field hockey. A Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course, inspired by the “Ninja Warrior” television series, provides 15 obstacles spread over the length of 425', spaced 10 feet apart and equipped with impact resistant ground surfacing for the entire length, in order to prevent injury.

Each BEQ has a free-standing, two-story 9,825 SF multi-purpose building designed as the “E-Club” for enlisted personnel, with a 50-seat theater with oversized lounge seating, an open kitchen central to interactive social elements (TV, pool table, ping pong, cards, etc.). Adjacent to each Main Club area is an acoustically isolated gaming section and a large, sun-drenched laundry room with expansive folding/hanging space. Level two is a loft-like quiet zone which overlooks the multi-purpose space and includes TVs, study carrels and lounge areas.

PGAL also designed a nearby $129 million residential complex that includes three 4-story BEQs, a landmark tower with outdoor amphitheater and a 706-space parking garage. It was completed in September, 2011.

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