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JM Family Enterprises Master Plan

PGAL is developing a 15-year master plan for the Deerfield Beach headquarters campus of JM Family Enterprises, parent company of Southeast Toyota, World Omni Finance, JM & A Group, and JM Service Center.

The plan encompasses 10 existing buildings totaling nearly 400,000 square feet, two proposed new buildings, and future building acquisitions. 

PGAL’s concept includes the potential of rezoning the campus to increase its massing from three to five stories and the creation of a corporate campus to promote a pedestrian-friendly sustainable environment. It encompasses individual buildings for each of the company’s three major business units, support spaces, parking, and maintenance of the original JM Family building.

  1. Fifteen-year master plan for JM Family Enterprises businesses, encompassing 10 existing buildings, two proposed buildings, and future building acquisitions

  2. Potential rezoning increases massing from three to five stories and creation of pedestrian-friendly corporate campus

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