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City of Cedar Hill Library, Museum, + Signature Park

This new 40,000-square-foot library, museum, and park, located in the heart of the Midtown District, will serve as cultural epicenter for the city and its citizens.

The facility, when complete, will be four times the size of the existing public library and will provide the community access to technology maker spaces, flexible event space, community meeting rooms, social café and stairs, digital media lab, and dedicated children and teen areas. The project is also in partnership with the Cedar Hill Museum of History and will highlight a rotating exhibition space from the museum’s curated artifacts.

This complex was designed to reflect the unique needs of the client and to incorporate the natural beauty of the site to create a “Library within a Park”. This region of North Texas is known for its natural beauty with its proximity to Cedar Hill State Park and Bentle Branch Creek and the design team and client collaborated to seamlessly integrate the architecture with the natural topography and amenities. As part of the integration of natural to artificial, the boundary between interior and exterior spaces is intentionally faded. Various interior spaces are designed to support both interior and exterior functions when weather allows.

Features include:

  1. 40,000-square foot public library, museum, and park.

  2. 5,400-square foot flexible events space.

  3. 2,000-square-foot museum exhibition space in collaboration with the Cedar Hill Museum of History.
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