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City of Arlington Fire Station No. 1

This new, 17,600-square-foot new fire station will replace the existing Fire Station No. 1, that was originally built in 1954 and experienced multiple renovations over the decades.

Located in Downtown Arlington, a few blocks from City Hall, the Hawkes Library, and city museum, the new five-bay, two-story fire station will house administrative and operation offices for the fire station and Fire Prevention Department on the first floor and a fully equipped fire house on the second floor. The new station is designed to provide more efficient and effective live/work program for the firefighters, including larger apparatus bays, indoor/outdoor kennels for the Department’s K9 unit, 12 sleeping quarters, and high-end commercial kitchen and dining space.

The station will also include a public space for community events and meetings as well as a museum area where residents can learn about the Arlington Fire Department’s history and accomplishments and view historical items up close, including an antique fire truck.

The design responds to unique site challenges including a narrow site, operational fire prevention building that will remain open throughout construction, and vibration and noise caused by the train track on the north side of the property. Major consideration was given to locate less occupied spaces toward the tracks with occupied spaces toward the south, and to provide an abundance of natural light and views. The palette will blend a contemporary vocabulary with colors, materials, and proportions traditionally used in Downtown Arlington.

Features include:

  1. 17,600-square-foot five-bay replacement station

  2. Indoor/outdoor kennels for the Department’s K9 Unit

  3. Community event and museum exhibition spaces

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