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Biovista seeks to transform an existing office campus to a newly renovated Life Science and Research Campus.

To meet with market demands, PGAL is designing the campus amenities that will transform the campus into a vibrant social hub for dining, entertaining, meeting, conferencing, wellness, etc. The design features indoor/outdoor connectivity that did not previously exist.

The repositioning effort includes a new site events lawn, which spills out from a new patio and chef-driven concept restaurant (Celebrity Chef Richard Blais). Additionally, the restaurant is connected to a new state-of-the-art conferencing center which functions as overflow dining, conference, and events space. A new yoga and flex fitness space has also been added to the programming to maximize on the Owner’s health-conscious focus for tenant amenities.

Features include:

  1. Full-service restaurant by Executive Chef Richard Blais

  2. State-of-the-art conference center

  3. Yoga and flex fitness space
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