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Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Ambulatory Surgery Center

This new orthopedic and sports medicine ambulatory surgery center focuses on patients with acute and chronic pain related to sports injuries and degenerative diseases.

The single story, 13,780-square-foot facility provides four operating rooms, 20 pre- and post- operative interchangeable beds, nourishment area, a private entry for patients and public with a separate entry and exit for ambulatory patients and staff. The patient waiting area is designed with extra space to accommodate maneuverability for wheelchair bound patients.

Administrative areas are located adjacent to the reception and patient waiting and the centrally located nurses station provides visual control of all patient positions. The space is sized to meet the requirements for equipment and storage, documentation and charting as well as patient observation.

Features include:

  1. Ambulatory surgery center with four operating rooms

  2. Centrally-located nurses station

  3. Waiting and administrative areas

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