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Addison Mizner K-8 Exterior
Addison Mizner K-8 Exterior
Addison Mizner K-8 Exterior
Addison Mizner K-8 Courtyard
Addison Mizner K-8 Covered Pavilion
Addison Mizner K-8 Main Entrance
Addison Mizner K-8 Office Lobby
Addison Mizner K-8 Admin Conference Room
Addison Mizner K-8 Stairwell
Addison Mizner K-8 Hallway
Addison Mizner K-8 Classrooms
Addison Mizner K-8 Media Center Entry
Addison Mizner K-8 Classrooms
Addison Mizner K-8 Science Lab

Addison Mizner K-8 Modernization

Following the demolition and modernization of Addison Mizner K-8 School, students and staff will have a new campus to call home.

The new 122,815-square-foot campus will be located on the 11.5-acre site of the existing school and will include 57  classrooms (78 teacher stations):  6 kindergarten, 2 pre-k, 24 primary, 12 intermediate, 16 middle, and 4  self-contained and  part-time ESE classrooms. The school will also include: state-of-the-art media center, including reading room, support spaces, and maker space; science lab; art and music room; skills labs; full-service kitchen and cafeteria; and administrative offices and conference rooms.

The exterior architecture represents a modern take on the influential design of Addison Cairns Mizner, the Palm Beach County architect who serves as the school’s namesake. Smooth masonry walls with Spanish colonial-inspired articulation compliment the character of the neighborhood and larger Boca Raton community. The inner campus has two courtyards: a large green space for student gardens, outdoor learning opportunities and flexible play; and a European-inspired plaza with an art patio, science area, and outdoor dining. The interiors are equipped with the latest in educational technology, children- and environmentally-friendly finishes and building systems, creating healthy and stimulating learning environments.

The clock tower at the main entry continues the wayfinding tradition present at the existing Administration building, providing a recognizable and iconic feature for the school.

Features include:

  1. 57 classrooms for more than 800 students – 78 teacher stations, 1,308 student stations with an anticipated enrollment of 1176 students

  2. Safe, well-shaded access for students walking and biking to school from the surrounding community with secure parking for student bicycles

  3. Single point of entry, able to accommodate afterschool functions with parents or the community, and easily facilitate the well-attended and successful aftercare programs

  4. New covered play area with storage and restrooms, playgrounds, and a newly designed covered bus loop and parent drop off.

  5. The project is designed to meet the state’s sustainable design and construction criteria, complying with the Green Globes rating system for new construction.

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