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Realm of the 52 Remedies

Realm of the 52 Remedies is an intimate and dynamic Korean speakeasy, located adjacent to the Owner’s original tavern, Common Theory.

One must have a reservation to enter the speakeasy from a door within Common Theory. Once inside, one is greeted by a hostess in a brightly lit modern-day Asian apothecary. From there, the patron is guided down a tight and dimly lit corridor of printed planes and graphic imagery inspired by the Owner’s cultural background. The corridor meanders behind curious elements and objects that provide selfie-moments for social media posts and memories in the making.

Once inside the lounge, every corner of the space is adorned with unique details and materials that transform the patron’s reality. Though small in scale, the cozy speakeasy atmosphere offers numerous unique seating opportunities, such as the raised deck booth seating, the lotus booth, or the informal lounge setting.

The project design features custom millwork and furniture, a back-lit onyx bar, graphic-printed plywood panels, and mirrored ceiling and wall-planes to name a few.

PGAL collaborated with Michael Soriano of Onairos Design on the project.

Features include:

  1. Speakeasy-style concealed entrance through apothecary waiting area
  2. Photogenic design elements for customer-generated social media content
  3. Custom fixtures and furniture provide one-of-a-kind luxury
Volver Arriba