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City of Delray Beach Breaks Ground on New PGAL-Designed Fire Station

Officials from Delray Beach, Florida, broke ground on the city’s newest fire station on Tuesday, Oct. 31. Designed by PGAL, the two-story, 15,857-square-foot facility is more than double the size of Delray Beach Fire Rescue’s previous Station 113.

“This is the station that the residents in that area deserve,” DBFR Fire Chief Keith Tomey said. “It will be functional, efficient, safe and accessible.”

The $11.5 million station includes three drive-through bays, sleeping quarters for 13 people, and is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds.

“It’s been great to collaborate with Delray Beach Fire Rescue in designing a state-of-the-art fire station that expands the resources to serve the community for many years to come,” said Joby Balint, Associate Principal, PGAL. “We look forward to seeing the vision become a reality.”

The new Delray Beach fire station is scheduled for completion in early 2025.

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