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HMS Host Concessions Program at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

PGAL provided interior architecture, design, and consulting services to renovate 11 food-service locations operated by HMS Host at Harry Reid International Airport.

Located in Terminals 1 and 2, the projects include:

Jose Cuervo Tequileria – renovation of an existing restaurant to create a new bar and restaurant featuring warm tones of gold and crimson, with accents of colorful lighting and rustic décor pieces.

Blue Burrito Grille – redesign of an existing concession to create a quick-serve gourmet burrito shop. The project shares a kitchen operation with Jose Cuervo Tequileria to reduce overall operating costs.

Chili’s Rotunda – new 5,248-square-foot location includes a full-service kitchen, bar, and seating for 184 patrons.

Great Steak and Potato Restaurants – renovation of two 1,053-square-foot fast-food locations.

Wolfgang Puck Kiosk – renovation of an existing retail location to create a 341-square-foot temporary kiosk space.

Food Court @ Terminal C Gates – redesign of a 4,356-square-foot fast-food area to accommodate a new Burger King, Sbarro Pizza, and Carvel Ice Cream.

Burger King remodel of the world’s busiest Burger King restaurant, seating 196 patrons.

  1. Interior design and consulting to renovate 11 food-service operations at McCarran International Airport

  2. Projects include Jose Cuervo Tequileria, Blue Burrito Grille, Chili’s Rotunda, two Great Steak and Potato Restaurants, Wolfgang Puck Kiosk, and a remodeled food court that houses Burger King, Sbarro Pizza, and Carvel Ice Cream

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