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Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) Consolidated Rental Car Maintenance and Storage Facility

PGAL served as rental car planner and Architect-of-Record for this 3.6-acre site that is the first piece of the terminal redevelopment at Santa Barbara.  The site is remote from the Airport and was conceptualized as a true “common” facility used for the maintenance and storage of rental car vehicles.  The shared and secured facility includes 8 fuel positions, 2 car wash bays, 5 individual maintenance and administrative areas and storage parking for 300 cars. Project challenges included the need to create secure yet shared common areas while designing a facility that could meet the financial goals of the Airport and its tenants. The benefit of efficiency was gained through shared yet non-exclusive program elements (wash bays, fuel positions, maintenance bays, employee areas and vehicle parking areas).  A non-traditional facility aesthetic was developed to meet the City of Santa Barbara’s strict aesthetic and environmental standards, California Title 24 Energy and Accessibility standards and has been granted Gold LEED Certification by the USGBC, made possible thru the inclusion of a photovoltaic solar solution that provides 100% offset of electrical usage for the facility.

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Project Specs: Related Project Aspects:
City of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Airport, Santa Barbara, California
LEED Status:
Certified Gold
Construction Budget:
$8 Million
Construction Delivery:
Completion Date:
Sustainable Design

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